July 04, 2017

SOS for a Dress

My sister ordered a cute dress.

It came, but with some flaws. The fabric was unraveled for both shoulders.

Given that her sister is sooo gifted (yeah, a lot of modesty there!), she decided upon not returning it and gave it to me as a project. Which I gladly accepted.
I remembered my Pear project, so I thought about making some shoulder boards.
I used some red fabric remaining from the Rachel's skirt project.

Firstly, I sewed by hand the unraveled parts.
I eyeballed the material I needed for the shoulder boards and cut it. Then, I cut it into two pieces.

I sewed the margins by using the sewing machine and obtained two shoulder boards.

I sewed them on the shoulders of the dress.
Dress rescued.

June 07, 2017

Embroidered Dress

This denim dress needed some cheering up.

If you have a dress at home you want to embroider, here's what you need for your DIY project:
- needles and thread (the more colorful, the better)
- a pair of scissors
- some inspiration 

Before starting, think about what parts you want to embroider. Since the dress was simple, I wanted to keep it like this and only made small embroidery.

Tip: whatever you decide to do, start small. You'll get better along the way, and have a better perspective on how to finish your embroidery.

May 23, 2017

How to prolong the life of your favourite print

My T-shirt was ruined, but I couldn't just throw it away. So I cut around the print and considered reusing it.
That time has come. I used my new black simple T-shirt. And also some pins.

My ironing board was very useful in order to keep the fabric of the T-shirt well flat. I pinned the margins of the fabric before sewing it.

Like I always say, you can sew by hand if you have enough patience and time. This time, I sewed by using the sewing machine.
And here it is: my new black T-shirt with my favourite old print.

May 19, 2017

DIY Birthday Card

For my nephew’s birthday, I wanted something special. A personalized birthday card seemed right.
What I used:
  - a piece of cardboard
  - acrylic paint
 -  glue
 -  a textile piece cut in the shape of squirrel
 - a round piece of Trolls cardboard
First, I doubled over the piece of cardboard.
Then, I applied some acrylic paint on the front page. White and golden acrylic paint.

I glued the textile piece in the shape of squirrel.
Inside the cardboard, I glued the round piece.

The squirrel birthday card is ready.

April 25, 2017

DIY Home Decoration

I'm into squirrels. You got that, right?!
I found this piece of wood laying around the house so I thought about giving it a touch of color.
Here's what you need in case you feel like playing the artist as well:
- a piece of wood
- acrylic paint, glue
- some stickers or cute things you'd like to use

1. I first cleaned the wood with a gentle cloth.
2. I gathered the stickers (in this case, candy package), the glue, the scissors and the acrylic paint.

3. I mixed violet, red and white paint and then painted the wood with it.
4. After I cut the edges of the package, I glued the squirrel and a green ribbon. In order for the plastic ribbon to stick better to the wood, I clued in-between a piece of paper.
5. Ta-daaa!

April 07, 2017

DIY Chocker

Chockers are back in style. Here is an easy way to make your own.
These are the things that I used, but you can go and be as creative as you want with the materials you've got around the house.
1. some of my magic music ribbon
2. some adornments I bought in a mercery shop
3. one shoulder pad
4. white thread and scissors

Below, I'll give you the basic steps:
1. Start by sewing the margins of the ribbon
2. Sew the adornments on the shoulder pad.

3. Then, sew the ribbons at the margins of the shoulder pad.
4. And the beautiful result.